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Dusk Bennett-Producer/Engineer

        From building studios and producing artists to post audio and selling P.A. gear, Dusk's done it all. Armed with a B.A. in Communications and a unexplainable drive to make a difference, Dusk has managed to collect credits with The Black Eyed Peas, Five for Fighting, Motley Crue, Sixx AM, Mike Love, Chicago, Barry Manilow, Vitamin C, the History, Travel and Discovery Channels as well as TLC, among many many others.


        To date he has realized successes that few audio engineers in this age get the opportunity to enjoy. As a charting Top 40 engineer, his work on Rod Stewart “Stardust” gained him a Grammy Award and a RIAA Certified Platinum Award for being a part of Rod Stewart’s first Number 1 record. His participation on Fionna Apple’s debut “Tidal” (which won a Grammy Award for “Criminal”) also earned him an RIAA Certified Triple Platinum Award. He consistently gets high praise from industry veterans for excellence in workmanship, not just in his creative music production endeavors, but in his audio consulting work as well. 



        His private North County San Diego based studio, dBu Ranch, an uncanny cross between a museum and a mad scientist’s lair, has a giant collection of rare vintage recording equipment, all of which is still used to make unique recordings. In addition to an obsession for perfection in all things music and audio, Dusk is also a home brewer and offers his rotating libations up to clients as part of the overall record-making experience.


        If you’re looking for the singular recording experience with genuine talent at the helm, you owe it to yourself to investigate making a record with this producer/engineer. It’s a career-launching move you are sure not to forget.

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